Why Facebook Ads is an Essential Part of Today’s Marketing Plan

If you are looking forward to market your product in today’s competitive situation, FB ads are just indispensable. It has been observed in the past few years that FB ads can serve as a great medium for promotional activities.

This is because of a number of reasons. Firstly, it has a vast number of users whom the business owners can reach out to. The number of Facebook users has increased drastically over the last few years. It is hard to find a person who does not have Facebook app installed in their phones!

Unlike most other social networking sites where there are a huge number of registered users but not many of them are active, Facebook is something that almost everyone uses daily. It has been officially announced that an average user uses it for about an hour every day. Today there are over a billion active users in Facebook. FB ads thus give you the capability to reach out to the mass and increase your popularity easily.

Facebook is, in fact, the ideal place for mobile marketing. Users have a tendency to stick to their mobile phones for hours for the purpose of gathering information on different topics and in between they open the Facebook app. As they open it, they are sure to come across your ads. And Facebook ads, unlike the ads in many other websites go un-ignored. In short, it is the best alternative for mobile marketing. Also, mobile marketing through Facebook makes it easier to generate leads. As the user comes across a certain ad in their Facebook app on mobile, he is likely to click on a button and as soon as he does so, leads are generated. This helps in faster generation of leads as compared to the traditional desktop method where on seeing an ad, if people clicked on a certain button, they would be sent to the website under consideration and leads would be generated only after this.

Another reason why Facebook ads are a great marketing option is that Facebook is great at targeting. It can classify people based on their location, demographics, age, sex, common interests etc. It then targets the right group of people who are likely to be interested in buying your products or availing your services by using an advanced technology. This can also be done by judging the recent purchase behaviour of people.

Another thing which Facebook does is it searches for Lookalike Audiences. This means that it searches for people who are similar to the already existing customers.  This way the number of people seeing your post increases further.

It also believes in layering of targeting options by which you can get super granular with your targeting.

Posting ads on Facebook is also budget-friendly. Compared to the other media sources in which you can post the ads, you can reach out to a larger number of people on FB by paying a lesser amount of money. For instance, paying $50 will enable you to reach out to 5000-1000 people.

There exist people called as ‘influencers’ on Facebook. Influencers refer to those people who have the ability to influence other people in their ways. So, if they call a particular place to be great, people are likely to be influenced and visit the same. Similarly, if the influencers suggest that a particular product is good, people will buy the same.

The concept of Facebook remarketing also deserves mention. It is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business. The technology of remarketing is about showing ads to people once they have visited a particular website or watched a particular video related to the product under consideration, or signed up with the site. This can even help you to increase the rate of engagements in your site by manifolds. You will also be able to convert your visitors to customers and generate more leads.

Facebeook also contains some effective tools which help you to create and manage your ads more easily. The Facebook ads iOS app, the Facebook ads Text Overlay tool, Social stats, Qwaya and KISSmetrics are some of the ads that deserve mention here.

Video marketing through Facebook is another way by which you can promote your brand and products. It is a known fact that people like to watch videos more than reading texts. So it is always a better option to use videos for the purpose of marketing rather than going for the mainstream ads. Advertising through Faceook videos will ensure that people take interest in seeing it and develop more interest in your product. Videos are also a more engaging and convincing way of advertisement.

So these are the reasons why Facebook ads is an essential part of marketing today.