How To Stay Productive While Working Online

In the modern world, smart work is given more importance than hard work. How to get a work done without doing any physical activity just by managing things properly from a comfortable place is the question now. The Internet is a major tool that is used by everyone today in order to communicate with anyone or to get other useful information without doing any sort of physical work. Majority of the work that goes on today in any company, either private or public, is usually done on the platform provided by the internet.

Since an internet connection is available at all the places, the majority of people nowadays are opting to work from online. One thing that everyone must remember is that whatever may be the mode of doing the work, being productive is the primary aim. One should always focus on their goal and keep working towards it.

Since the internet is such a huge place, there are a lot of things that one can come across. Some of these things may or may not be related to the work that a person is doing. It becomes important for one to keep their focus intact in order to be productive while working online. Some of the ways for being productive are:-

  • No social media: – the social media world is always active and will continue to be even if you are not there for some time. Social media always have something that will generate interest among the users and every minute spent on there is an added hour of extra work. One must stop or at least restrict their usage of their social media accounts in order to concentrate on their work and achieve their goal.


  • Close the email tab: – each and every e-commerce site, various banks, internship sites, the sites on which you signed up for 7 years back, all these sites and companies keep sending emails day and night. Each time an email comes, the tab starts blinking or showing the notification until the user responds to it. Although it doesn’t take much time, it breaks the concentration that one had while working. And it takes some time in focusing again on the job in hand.


  • Use sticky notes around your desk: – sticky notes come in quite handy if one knows how to use them properly. These notes can give someone a reality check and a chance to analyze what they are doing. One can write different things on these sticky notes like:-
    • Whatever thing I am doing right now, is it related to my work?
    • Am I being productive enough?
    • Am I giving my 100%?
    • Whatever I am doing right now, is it so important that it comes before my work?


Asking questions like these to oneself makes one realize what they are doing and if it is necessary to do. A reality check at short time intervals can help in more ways than one can imagine


  • Use technology to your advantage: – there are lots of software and applications that help in organizing the work in such a way that maximum efficiency can be achieved. They distribute the work according to the preference and stack them on the screen so that the user is reminded of the amount of work that is left.


  • Short break in between: – working continuously online on a computer or laptop may prove to be stressful for the user as well for the eyes. The eyes usually get dry because of looking continuously on the screen. This may lead to an increase in the pressure inside the eyes that may lead to headaches, causing a deviation. One should take breaks in between according to their convenience, during which they should close their eyes and relax. One can also add some eye drops prescribed by any certified doctor to provide more relief to the eyes.


  • Don’t use cell phones: – the mobile phone coming out in the market these days are packed with all the technology of this world. One can do anything on them and one of the most common thing that everyone does on a mobile phone is waste their time. Yes, half of the population normally fiddles with their mobile phone because it is in their hands. Quite unknowingly, a lot of time is wasted on it and one lags behind in their work. The mobile phone should be strictly kept in vibration or silent mode so that it doesn’t attract much attention with any fancy ringtone and should be only used if something very urgent comes that can’t be avoided under any circumstances.


  • Don’t waiver off to any other topics: – while doing research for your work, one may have to visit different websites. These websites may contain other links as well that are related to some other topic. One must know what is related to their project and where they should stop. Similarly, a lot of sites these days rent out some space on their page to different ad agencies who publish online advertisements there. These are usually the ads of different e-commerce sites and the deals they are offering. One must control themselves and avoid going to these sites because these sites have sales 365 days a year, but you may not have that much time to finish your project.

These are some of the ways we believe that can help one in staying productive while working online. Of course, the list can be extended, based on the personal practices of every individual. This list basically consists of all the common practices that are seen all across the world, done by successful people who prioritized their work.

It completely depends on an individual if they want to succeed. If a person is focused enough, there is nothing in this world that can stop him/her from their goal. One needs to have a desire and passion to do something. The ways to stay productive while working online is a secondary thing, the first and foremost thing required is the desire and passion to achieve something.

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