Change Your Habits To Become Successful

Becoming successful is no easy job. People can have different definitions for success. But the key to success is somewhat common. One needs to compromise a lot and also needs to be focussed towards their goal. Another thing which they need to do is change their habits. Yes, each of us have a few habits that are good and a few others that are regarded as bad.

Identify Your Bad Habits: So the first thing that you need to do is become aware of the bad habits that you have, or in other words, identify your bad habits. For this, you may even take the help of people close to you, and if possible, senior to you. Let them point out the bad habits that you possess and once they do it, try to accept the negative comments about yourself instead of being  hurt.

Motivate Yourself: After you have identified the habits to give up, try to motivate yourself towards doing away with these habits. Look at other people who do not have this habit and how successful they are. Also, think of your idols who have succeeded in the same path as yours. Go through motivational texts and prepare sticky notes with famous quotes that will motivate you. Stick them on the walls of your room, on your desk or the ceiling so that you can have a glimpse of them whenever you wake up or just before you go to sleep.

Prioritise: Then it is the time for you to change those habits. Now the question is, how to do so?

The first problem people seem to come across while trying to change their habits is they mess up, trying to change all their bad habits at one go. It would be better to pick one at a time as that would allow you to focus on one thing. So make a priority list of the habits that you need to change and approach the highest priority one first.

To Get Rid of the Bad Habits: Pick the right way to get rid of your habits. It is good to be determined towards getting rid of your bad habits. But, mere motivation is not enough. You need to find the right way to do the same.

After all, these are your habits and you can do away with them easily. So, if losing calm is the habit under consideration, take a deep breath and relax. Also, meditate for a few minutes everyday. This will help you to remain cool and you will not lose your temper easily. Again, if forgetting things easily is the habit that makes you concerned, maintain a memo or checklist of things. When you wake up every morning, try to recall the important tasks that you have scheduled for the day or things that you need to do.

Comparison: Don’t compare yourself to others around you, compare with previous yourself. This will help you to remain motivated. So, instead of thinking what part of the distance you still have to go, measure the distance you have covered. In other words, focus on how much you have improved rather than what you still need to do.

So far we have discussed about how to give up our bad habits. Now, what you also need to learn is, which habits you need to adopt in order to be successful:

  • Adjustment: Try to adjust with people and with situations instead of whining about what is happening with you. The way to success is not easy. You may come across many hurdles on your journey. Embrace them instead of complaining about them.
  • Positive Thinking: Always be positive and take your failures as lessons instead of getting de-motivated. There can be two ways of looking at things. And there can be two different kinds of responses on your life events. For instance, if you fail in an exam, you may ask yourself

‘Why did I fail?’  and the inner yourself may answer you back ‘Cuz you are a dumbass!’

Instead ask yourself ‘What can I do to pass next time?’ You will get a better answer and can prepare accordingly. So asking right questions is a habit to develop.

Keep these in mind to become successful in life!