Passion vs Profit (Should you follow your passion or the money?)

Follow your passion is what we’ve all been taught since our childhood. It all sounds sunshine and roses. But life wasn’t supposed to be that easy. When it comes down to doing real deal business, many people don’t consider the most important thing that is making the profit or building a chain of investors.

What is a passion?

In simple words, passion is something that a person can do over and over again without getting tired of every day of his/her life. Passion is something that keeps someone awake all night because of that one idea or a strategy that it floods our brain with. It is something that a person loves by heart even if it doesn’t help in making money as not everybody gives priority to money in their lives. But is passion enough for living a happy life?

Every day, many people step into the market with a passion in them which is an idea to start up a business. But the market has never been very good to them. Some may say that it is relative but in most of the cases, passion raises a lot of questions when it introduces a business idea.

Too much passion and ideas can make you blind when it comes to actually doing business. The business gets affected faster than you can even imagine. With passion, some start to do business without knowing their target audience whom they should be serving or the ways of making money.

Passion makes you think that doing your thing for free is okay. Just because you love to do something, doesn’t mean that you can start a business with that. There are a lot of cons while following a passion. Because when we are doing business with our passion, we don’t expect challenges and once the things start to get difficult, many people quit it and jump to something else making it a total waste of time, effort, and money. For doing hardcore business and excelling in life, passion is something which is not really appreciated. It doesn’t matter if your idea is very good and actually tempting, but at the end, it all comes down to the market and what it demands. It does not mean that your idea is worthless but it should have something to shake the market up or actually make some profit.

There are many people who ask if they can make a living out of their passion or earn some profit with their passion then there are actually ways. It might not be easy and the answers might not be as simple but having knowledge is what helps in excelling.

Before following your passion, think if it can actually serve the market and make money. Also, figure out if you have any problems or complaints with your passion as it can become a problem later if it isn’t figured out early.

Now it is time to examine the market and find the potential customers for your business who might actually be interested in what you have to offer.

Don’t forget about Corporate Social Responsibility. According to this, if your idea helps in serving the society in any form then this helps you in making tie-ups with firms that can provide you fund which will actually make your business better. Now, this is not like the old times where just a product will do the magic. People are the ones that one must look up to. This helps you in building a network and you will actually be able to grab new opportunities that stumble upon your way.

A business can never be run by just one person alone. If you have a passion and have decided to set up a business then try to hire more and more individuals that share the same passion as you. Motivate them and impart your vision on them. And never forget to mention that the most important thing about the business is to make a profit as without it the business might not last very long. And last but not least, do some marketing. Spreading your business through different means can actually help you in growing your business.

These points were about how to make your passion fit for business but one must know the problems with the passion. Many people believe that passion makes things simple. It helps in enjoying every day of work. It is a lie. You can’t enjoy every day of your work even if you are following your dream and things not always turn out the way you might have imagined.

But it doesn’t mean following passion is bad. There is a big misconception that you should have passion about something that you truly love. This has stopped a lot of creative minds from doing business and improving the market for many years. If you have an idea then it is enough to become your passion. You just have to mix your idea with business strategies and keeping in mind about what you really want from it and what you can make out of it. Considering if your idea is worth doing business with is the best way to prevent any future loss or disappointment.

Passion should not be about making money only. The passion should be about expanding the business and making it huge. This will not only help you in making the profit but also the people who are too scared to work on an idea will get an example from you and actually do something for themselves.

In the end, we would like to conclude this all by saying that passion is something that helps you in finding the path. You choose the path which you think you are passionate about but profit is what keeps you going on that path. If you can’t make a profit with passion then don’t bother doing business. Profit is what creates a benchmark for those who look up to you for motivation for following a passion.

5 thoughts on “Passion vs Profit (Should you follow your passion or the money?)”

  1. Annette Ani Kerr

    Thankyou it seems simple,to buy a product, that gives a good result, to your targeted traffic, in order for the system to close the sale,and you get paid.

  2. If you have a passion for something if you don’t take it to extreme you should be able to market it and make money.

  3. You alone can not put up a great business, maybe your ideas to start the beginning for arranging people to do it with a community of people who likes your ideas and then able to help because you made them to believe that this is the opportunity foryou can grow your businesses , isn’t that Awesome and so amazing to help people and you are helping them to .Help eachother so get very far in what you and others want=Everyone supports Everyone

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